HR management in the organization.

Optimization of HR system and HR processes.

Audit of HR system and processes.

Qualification of managers in the field of HR management.

Career management in the company.

Person — team — organization. Three levels of improving the efficiency of personnel and the company.
A company is a living organism. Each person in the organization changes himself and changes others. The influence of the environment, team, and individual on business results can depend on many factors. Understanding the principles of company functioning is the basis for business success.

Team and employee management is an area of a manager's work that cannot be delegated. Even the best HR department cannot replace a manager in motivating, engaging, training, and adapting employees. However, not ever manager feels professional in managing people.
HR professionals are coworkers of the manager. They sort out the optimal tools of personnel management and help to customize the HR system. At the same time, HR professionals are not always able to correlate specialized HR tools with the company's business objectives.

Consultants help to build a dialog between managers and HRs.

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