Career for everyone
It is better to build a career in a thoughtful way. Then you will manage your career, and not your career will manage you.
Why is it important to review your career path every 10-15 years?
A new career stage brings new challenges and requires professional development.
Making a conscious career choice at age 25, 35, 45 and 55 allows you to achieve your professional goals at the next lifestage.
A Professional Potential Assessment will help you identify the direction of competencies development and capitalize on the experience you already have.
A professional career within an organization or as a freelancer, consultant are different career tracks. You need specific competencies and skills.
A separate story — career after 50 years and in the perspective of 75 years!
The paradox of the current moment: "eternal youth" and longevity up to 100 years and, at the same time, special requirements for age candidates.

We can help you get answers to these questions in a different ways.

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